Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shuttering at the diminishing days til Christmas

On your mark,
Get set,
The Christmas countdown is on! 

At the time that I am starting this post there are 58 days 2 hours and 56 minutes until Christmas....But who's counting?
              That means if you are going to get Christmas cards made, addressed, and actually mailed so that friends and family get them PRIOR to Christmas day then it's time to start planning.

I'm a bit of a Christmas card freak and not only do (make, address, and mail) our cards but my parents' cards as well and keep extensive mailing label databases for each.  This year I am already planning on using Shutterfly for our cards.  We always send out photo cards because let's be honest that Christmas cards are a competition to see who has the cutest kids.  A competition which we dominate with our two beautiful girls of course!

We have used Shutterfly 2 or 3 times for our Christmas cards, but I'm going to admit that we did not use Shutterfly last year.  I thought I had found a good deal on photo cards on another site and, sure, they were cheap....but price ended up not being the only way in which they were cheap.  They looked ok.  Nothing spectacular.  They looked like I had printed them out using my home printer.  The quality was as poor as the price was cheap.  I was disappointed but it was too late to get new cards made. 

So after a lackluster year, I'm going for major pizazz this year with our cards.  Right now, the front runner choice for our card is the Classic Red Square Christmas Card 5x5 Flat Stationery Card by Stacy Claire Boyd.  You can put 8 photos on it and customize the message in the red square.  I love being able to personalize the greeting.  Our family has a signature quote from Gladys in the Best Christmas Pagent Ever that we always put on our Christmas cards and I think it will look awesome in the middle red square in this card. 

While browsing Shutterfly's site I also found two new obsessions: personalized Christmas gift tags and personalized Christmas address labels.  Shutterfly has really branched out to be a one-stop-shop for all your Christmas needs.  I especially love the Retro Wheel Bright gift tag because it's very vintage looking but also while it is festive and perfect for Christmas, it could also be used year-round for all your gift giving occasions.  It also has corresponding address labels which are super cute and again could be used year-round but especially at Christmas. 

Hurry to order your Christmas cards while Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards!  Time is ticking......after writing this post there are only 58 days 2 hours and 25 minutes left!

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