Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas shopping...or the lack thereof

I really hope other people are as behind on Christmas shopping as I am this year.  I know it's tacky of me to wish that on others but it really would make me feel better about myself if others could be as far behind as I am.  I so sluggish this year!
I've been browsing through some blogs and found some really great deals and giveaways.  I'd never heard of before but it's a neat concept.  Check out their home site for a twitter giveaway and also check out Mrs. Moneysaver for another giveaway.
Will update post more later hear dogs whining outside.  It is 20-something degrees guess I should let them in.

Sick Angel Baby

Angel Baby has had a cold off and on for a couple of weeks now.  She's been so stopped up this week that she couldn't sleep.  When she'd lay down to try to sleep the coughing and hacking would start.  She needed to get some sleep.  I needed to get some sleep. 

Our oldest always has loved Johnson's Baby Soothing Vapor Cream.  I can slather it all over her chest and back and she will sleep like a baby.  Well of course Angel Baby can't stand the cream.  She says it makes her sticky and just pitches a fit when I try to put it on her.  I was at Walgreens buying some more refills for the Vicks vapor plug-ins (LOVE those!  I think I have 8--one for every room!) and I happened upon these TheraFlu vapor patches.

They stick to your clothes and last about 6 hrs (it claims 8hrs but I haven't noticed it working that long.) It works long enough to allow her to fall good and asleep at night before it wears off. She's worn one the past 3 nights and it's really helped. She asked for her patch before bed tonight!  (Hubby told me it sounds like I'm putting one of those stop-smoking patches on her.)  I think the packaging technically says for ages 6 and up and Angel Baby is 4 but when dealing with a sick child you have to improvise and try anything.  She may not be their target demographic but all I know is it works.  It helps her breathe so she can sleep and as a by product I get sleep too! yea!  I saw online that they make Puffs Plus with Vicks in them too but I haven't found them in any stores yet. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

IRL? huh?

Have I walked into an alternate universe in the blog world?  I know I'm brand new at all this but I really don't understand what a "Mommy Blogger" or "Mom Blog" means?  Is that some sort of official title you get by joining some club or group or does it just mean any mom with a blog?  I'm beginning to see that there are cliques/sororities/associations online that are well organized and (in some cases) very controlling.  Isn't the point of having a blog being able to have your OWN say about things?  I just don't get it, but I never was the sorority type of girl.  I sure as hell wasn't going to have someone bossing me around just so I could be allowed (dripping with sarcasm) to be their friend.  And I LOVE (note the saracasm here too) when people write "IRL" such as "I've met her IRL" as though there is a seperation between the blog world and in real life.  I thought that's what blogs were supposed to be--an extension of our thoughts and ideas and just whatever we want to write about--isn't that real life?  Shouldn't everything that you put on your blog be IRL if it's the truth?