Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas shopping...or the lack thereof

I really hope other people are as behind on Christmas shopping as I am this year.  I know it's tacky of me to wish that on others but it really would make me feel better about myself if others could be as far behind as I am.  I so sluggish this year!
I've been browsing through some blogs and found some really great deals and giveaways.  I'd never heard of before but it's a neat concept.  Check out their home site for a twitter giveaway and also check out Mrs. Moneysaver for another giveaway.
Will update post more later hear dogs whining outside.  It is 20-something degrees guess I should let them in.

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  1. Hi Meg! Did you get my email on the 12th? You are one of my PakNak winners and I need to hear back from you accepting with your four choices and mailing address by the end of the 15th or I will have to pick a new winner. Please respond!


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