Friday, April 23, 2010

Weather freak out

I am a weather freak.  I check the weather dozens of times a day.  If it storms at night I stay up all night until the storm passes.  I have a plate signed by the man who was the local weatherman from my childhood on display in my kitchen.  I'm over obsessive about the weather.  I like to be in control of my surroundings and the weather is one thing that I have no control over whatsoever and it makes me feel very vunerable and uneasy.  I was 8mons preggo on bed rest when Katrina hit (we lived in South Mississippi at the time) so I have extensive history with bad storms but tornadoes are a whole other variable.  We knew Katrina was coming.  We had time to prepare (although no one was prepared for the 8days without power and gas shortages.)  We saw it coming.  With tornadoes you have no clue where they will hit and it is strictly the fickle finger of nature as to who/what gets hit and what is left untouched.  We have been forecasted for severe storms here this weekend so I'm drinking my Coke Zero and getting ready for a long night ahead of me.

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